The Fracture Effect


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released March 24, 2016

Written and performed by REIGN

Featuring vocals from Corey Bennett of Bermuda

True Initiative Management©



all rights reserved


REIGN Austin, Texas

Jacob Ashton
Jonathan Sanchez
Mike Joiner
Skylar Harpole

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Track Name: Introduction
Time and time again.
Constantly stating my piece and getting no sense of relief.
I've been here before. I know that this will not be the home that I lay my head down
It's the fractures the walls
That make it hard to call my own
The fractures effecting me

Written by: Jacob Ashton
Track Name: Separation
I'm standing tall on my own two feet against them all. It's what separates from me from all of you.
I find strength in what they call respect and truth.
It's the last thing that I would ever expect from you.
Crooked ways and no sign of dignity.
It's hard to find where there's any loyalty
It's about honor and integrity.
You live with no sense of humility.
Build your walls. Less and less you will see.
To us it's blatant. The disrespect and all of the deceit.
Standing tall on my own two feet.
It's the one thing that separates you from me.
It's the one thing that separates me
From the disrespect and deceit.
It's what differentiates you from me.
I take pride in where I find respect and truth.
its the last thing that I'd ever except from you.
Standing tall! On my own 2 feet!
The one thing that separates me from you!

Written by: Jacob Ashton
Track Name: Nameless Face
You are your own deceit.
Another burden with a name.
A nameless face
You're always playing victim
Pointing fingers first
It's on yourself no one else
The only way things will ever change
We will always remember what you are
A hidden agenda
No care or concern

No care or concern
You are a waste
A face without a name
Complacent with counting on others to keep the pace.
A lesson learned from the lies you speak
It's just the poison that you breathe
A lesson learn from the poison. From the lies you speak.
A lesson learned from my mistakes.
A lesson from the mistakes you made

Written by: Jacob Ashton
Track Name: The Proud & the True
Moving forward with notions of hatred.
I've seen the plague grow so sacred
It's in my hands
It dwells. Like the demons falling down to hell.
The hands of judgment holding down
The hopes and dreams of the proud and the true
Find your way.
Moving forward. With or without you.
Is this burden or a blessing
All of the mistakes I am obsessing.
The furthest the thing from a helping hand.
A foot in the grave. A comforting way to saved.
Notions of hatred. A motive seemed so sacred.
Like a noose tightening around my neck
Hands of judgment holding down
The hopes and dreams of the proud
We move forward. We move on with or without you! (x3)

Written by: Jacob Ashton
Track Name: Old Habits (ft. Corey Bennett of Bermuda)
Everyday the same routine. Picking myself up piece by piece. It's getting harder and harder to say. Finding new ways to mask insecurities. There is no way to save you when I can't save myself.
Holding on to these memories. What we've lost. As close as family.
Only you can change you. Blaming everything and everyone for all the things that fall through.
I should have seen this from the start
Everyday it's the same routine. Picking myself up piece by piece. It's getting harder to say and mask all of your insecurities now that you will fall face down.
I should have seen it all from the start. Covered by crooked handshakes and an absence of heart.
Face down in the mess you've made.
Left alone from all of your mistakes.

Written by: Jacob Ashton